How Did Elijah Die

The Prophet Elijah


The prophet Elijah was the only prophet in scripture to be taken into Heaven without dying (2 Kings 2:11). He was the second person in the Bible to have this Honor, the first being Enoch (Genesis 5:21-24). The other prophets may not have seen God take Elijah, or they may have had a difficult time believing what they had seen.


In either case they decided to search for him (2 Kings 2:16-18). After they found no physical trace of him with the search they did, this only confirmed to them of what happened and strengthen their Faith. The only other person to be taken to heaven in bodily form was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ after his resurrection from the death. Elijah is seen again in the New Testament at the Transfiguration on the Mountain, where he is seen together with Jesus and Moses. This was witnessed by the disciples John, James and Peter (Matthew 17:1-3).



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