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A new Bible reading program has been introduced that takes a different approach to the Bible than most people are accustomed to. It gives the reader the option to read the Bible from beginning to end – in chronological order – in just a year! For those who have never done so before, which is the vast majority of individuals, it provides an opportunity to stand out among their peers while also fulfilling their profound desire to please the God they adore.


It is common knowledge that:

1 – Only about 10% of Christians have ever read the Bible from beginning to end. Many people have never considered doing it because they believe it is beyond their reach.

2 – Many parts of the Bible are difficult for most Christians to comprehend. Although the average layperson is familiar with and understands a few important Bible texts, large swaths of the Bible remain opaque.

3 – Because living in the twenty-first century is so fast-paced, many Christians have abandoned meaningful devotional moments with God.


Through the Bible… as It Happened” is the title of the new program. Because of the way the application works and the features that are provided, everyone who utilizes it will get a far greater comprehension of Scripture.


In a nutshell, it is a chronological reading of the Bible with detailed notes. The term “chronological” means “in order.” The Bible, in its most common form, employs a “theme” approach to its content. The authors of the Scriptures were fascinated by their own circumstances and occurrences. As a result, they organized their work into what we refer to as “book” formats, with subject matter serving as their guide.


The Old Testament has 39 books and the New Testament has 27. They span 4,500 years and aren’t neatly arranged in the sequence in which the events occurred. Everything, in fact, jumps back and forth. This makes it difficult for the reader to understand most of what happens, and the relationship between events is generally lost.


David Shreve, the program’s creator, has reorganized the Bible’s material such that it flows easily and in sequence. In the order in which they occurred, each event follows the previous one. The majority of novels are written in this manner. Starting with the opening scenes and progressing through a series of events to a finish!


So, one of the most appealing aspects of this program is how it operates – that is its base.


There are, however, various chronological approaches to the Bible. Some are simple general reorganizations that don’t take up more than a sheet of paper. Some are whole hardcover volumes that re-arrange the Scripture text within the volume. What distinguishes this program from the rest?


1 – The re-arrangement itself. The author began this effort in 1974, long before any such materials existed. Through the years, as he read through the Bible each year himself using this program, he researched and compared – and revised – and revised – continually, until he released his program to the general public in 2018. There is probably not another chronological program this thorough in its development. Getting the order of events exactly right was a priority for him and a painstaking effort – and the results prove the value of that effort.


2 – The study helps which are included. It is hard to find a chronological reading program that explains some of the more difficult-to-understand portions of the Bible. Most simply attempt a re-arrangement of the Scriptures and let it go at that. That’s not enough for most laymen. They need some good, solid explanations of the material they are reading.



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Mr. Shreve holds a Bible degree with a minor in Greek. From his days at Cedarville University until the present, he has dedicated his life to studying the Bible. Hundreds of volumes in theology and Bible-related materials make up his library. His political and religious views are both mainstream and evangelical. When he deviates from orthodoxy, he makes it clear to the reader that he is expressing a marginal point of view. There is no need for the reader to be concerned.


The notes are also substantial. There isn’t much left out of the project, which is almost 1,200 pages long. He approaches certain Biblical material from a theological standpoint and others from a devotional standpoint. He satisfies both the mind and the heart!


“Using his material would be beneficial to the reader”




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